Having a device that weighs less, make less noise and is more power efficient are the most important factors for patients all over the world who use in-home oxygen machines to meet their everyday need for oxygen. We take these factors into consideration and provide you with an oxygen machine that is both light and quiet. OxygenPlus 5, the most power-efficient and most compact 5-liter oxygen concentrator in Iran’s market, consumes only 350 watts of electricity, and thus reduces your costs by lowering the energy consumption. Localized technology of Zist Tajhiz Sharif, brings you a highly reliable oxygenating system along with high quality equipment that will ensure to meet your needs at home, in the hospital, clinics or even in the most challenging environments, 24 hours a day, every day of the week.


We had a strong focus on the quality of the finished product in different stages of production and therefore, utilized the best raw materials in the market in our production. The zeolite used in the machine is French and its compressor is made in Taiwan. We have also passed all relevant quality and device authentication tests successfully. Localizing the technology for manufacturing an oxygen machine in Iran, provides us with the ability to fully support the product warranty and its after-sales services. You can use the device with a peace of mind and you do not need to worry about maintaining and repairing your oxygen machine. Take a relieved breath with OxygenPlus! OxygenPlus, comparable to other similar European and American products, offers a very competitive quality, at a much more affordable price. The production of this product inside the country has helped us reduce costs as much as possible. Although having an affordable price was a very important factor for us, we did not sacrifice the quality of the raw materials and the final product for a lower price.

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Zist Tajhiz Shafir Company (Reg No: 463240) was established in 2014 with the help of a group of Sharif University and Tehran University graduates. The company’s goal is to design and produce medical equipment based on today’s modern knowledge and technology. By utilizing the country’s most experienced specialists, we aim to provide the market with high quality and affordable products and we always strive to support our customers with excellent after-sales services. Our company’s first product is an in-home oxygen concentrator for patients with heart, lungs and respiratory problems. OxygenPlus 5 is a very good alternative for oxygen cylinders. Several media outlets announced the production of an Iranian made oxygen machine, in the following we will present a few examples of these announcements. Id aliquet lectus proin nibh. Tortor at auctor urna nunc id cursus metus aliquam eleifend. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit pellentesque. Ultrices mi tempus imperdiet nulla malesuada. Dui ut ornare lectus sit amet est placerat. Proin libero nunc consequat interdum. Turpis massa tincidunt dui ut ornare lectus sit. Non tellus orci ac auctor augue mauris augue neque gravida. Odio pellentesque diam volutpat commodo sed egestas egestas. Facilisis gravida neque convallis a.

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